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Especially specialized on manufacturing precise parts which need close geometrical tolerances, MedMakina, machines has like 5 axis milling & turning and 3D CMM equipments by monitoring the last technology to perform service. The precise parts that we produce such as ; mechanical parts of optical components (housing, beam expander, retainer, spacer etc), laser range finder, thermal imagining, microwave systems/RF modules are some of our specialty domains.

Our promise to our customer is to diligently improve our staff's knowledge through training, our quality through strict ISO 9001:2008 standards, our product and value through a continual upgrade of our facility, equipment, and processes.Our company provides an environment where the necessary tools are readily available to our staff to achieve that excellence. We have a strong team comprised of talented, committed, and professional individuals giving their fullest efforts in every aspect to the customer and the company every day



























MEDMAKİNA provides value engineering services with a team of highly experienced engineers. MedMakina management team provides a working environment that encourages longevity, and many of our employees have been part of that team for more than 11 years. Our customers that we have been working for years are the most important outcome of this success. 

Besides the ISO 9001:2008; AS 9100, whom stage of certification will end up at the end of this year , our organizational structure will improve too. With many critical parts made of titanium, super-nickel alloys that we produce by using drawing free manufacture / solid base manufacturing we can analyze the model and produce CNC programs for manufacturing. By means of this program, errors are eliminated by utilising model dimensional data and tolerances. 



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