MEDMAKİNA is experienced in precise and complex parts machining and their assemblies. Machining capabilities consist of CNC Machines 3 up to 5 axis milling and turning applications. We produce the precise mechanical parts and sub-assemblies for the main projects (thermal imagining, laser range finder, night vision, microwave systems/RF modules, electro-optic systems, military radios etc.) of Defense Industries. 








Also we do operations for final process such as surface treatment, heat treatment, welding, marking etc. according to requested MIL Standarts (and/or ANSI, DIN norms). We produce many critical parts finished by 5 axis CNC machines and controlled by 3D CMM and Profile Projector with closed tolerance made of titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, steel alloys and engineering materials such as Peek; Ultem, Silvar, Teflon etc)





We as a company that experienced from ANSI, DIN, and MIL standards to solid base manufacturing. This includes process planning CAD/CAM & macro programming DNC/Data Transfer, fixture design & fabrication and First Article Inspection (FAI) phases






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